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  1. Migration Facts Ireland

    Housing Romanian Family of 12 sleep at hospital due to lack of housing

    Six adults and six children had to sleep in a Co Galway hospital as they had nowhere to go, it has emerged. At 10.30pm on September 5, the family went to Athlone Garda Station looking for somewhere to stay as they couldn't access emergency accommodation. Gardai consulted with Tusla and brought...
  2. Migration Facts Ireland

    Law & Order Gardaí investigating a multi-million euro West African fraud network operating in Ireland

    GARDAI have launched a major crackdown on a suspected online crime gang. Officers from the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau’s Money Laundering Unity swooped on a series of properties in Dublin, Kildare, Laois and Meath. The searches were launched to target a West African crime gang behind...
  3. Migration Facts Ireland

    Statistics 114,000 People have gained Irish Citizenship since 2011 through Citizenship Ceremonies

    Since 2011 and the Introduction of Citizenship Ceremonies, Ireland has handed out more than 114,000 Citizenships to people from around the world. This news was disclosed in a press statement from MerrionStreet earlier yesterday. Releases Published on Monday 10th September 2018 Minister...
  4. Migration Facts Ireland

    Irish News 480 people from 68 countries become Irish Citizens

    480 PEOPLE HAVE officially become Irish citizens today at a ceremony in Dublin. Drawn from 68 countries around the world, Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan has welcomed them into “our national family.” Joanna Dukkipati from India at a Citizenship Ceremony that was held in the National...
  5. Migration Facts Ireland

    Statistics CSO - Population and Migration Estimates April 2018, those not born in Ireland 18%

    The Latest CSO population and Migration estimates up to April 2018 have been released. From the Figures, we can see that the population of Ireland has increased by a further 64,500 people. This can be attributed to our NetFlow of Immigration (those entering the country) increasing whilst...
  6. Migration Facts Ireland

    Irish News Gang targeting women in Ireland

    Gardai are on high alert for a gang targeting and isolating drunk women from the southeast. A 28-year-old man of Pakistani origin — who was acquitted of rape in recent years — is the main suspect but gardaí believe he has friends who are also involved. The man is known to drive a grey...
  7. Migration Facts Ireland

    Irish News Brexit could send Illegals in the UK straight to Ireland and collapse our immigration system

    A report prepared for Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan, warned that any perceived tightening of UK immigration controls could prompt people living illegally in the UK to look across the Irish Sea instead. The report went onto say even the smallest changes in Ireland's system of direct...
  8. Migration Facts Ireland

    Law & Order woman duped into sham marriage

    'It can happen to anyone' - Irish woman duped by her husband is selling her wedding and engagement rings Read more here - An Irish woman is selling...
  9. Migration Facts Ireland

    European News EU to offer member states £5,350 for each asylum seeker they take in from migrant boats

    From the Daily Mail EU to offer member states £5,350 for each asylum seeker they take in from migrant boats - but Italy's far-right interior minister says his country will not take part and...
  10. Migration Facts Ireland

    Law & Order 1,000 bogus firms used to set up 'sham marriages'

    GARDAI are investigating a major international scam that uses hundreds of bogus companies to gain residency rights for illegal immigrants. The Irish Independent has learned that gardaí have identified a complex network of more than 1,000 companies and business names registered in Ireland by...
  11. Migration Facts Ireland

    Population 60 refugees resettled across Carlow and Kilkenny

    65 Syrian Refugees have so far been resettled across Carlow and Kilkenny. Between the two counties a total of 220 are due to arrive before the end of this year. Just one county out of the 18 where it was agreed refugees would be resettled, has yet to receive any of them. Longford has agreed to...
  12. Migration Facts Ireland

    Immigration System, Asylum & Policy Where The Most People of Concern Live

    From Where The Most People of Concern Live With populist movements currently rising in Europe, refugees remain the single most discussed topic in the Union’s political discourse. However, countries with the most prominent...
  13. Migration Facts Ireland

    Law & Order Irish man who fundraised for ISIS jailed

    From the AN IRISH father of one was jailed over fundraising for the Islamic State terrorist organisation after being arrested by Gardai following a classic sting operation by a UK newspaper which targeted an ISIS figure known as 'the Supermarket Jihadi'. Hassan Bal (26) was...
  14. Migration Facts Ireland

    Public Video How to cheat the UK Immigration process

    Nigerian man claims to be a boy 15yo seeking asylum in UK
  15. Migration Facts Ireland

    Housing Syrian Refugees are given equal status to those on a 7-year housing list

    67 families were given the keys to new houses on a brand new estate at Milltown meadows in Ashbourne, County Meath in July of this year. The families had been on waiting lists for up to 7 years and were finally given their keys at a ceremony where JUNIOR Housing Minister Damien English cuts the...
  16. Migration Facts Ireland

    Law & Order Student allegedly caught masturbating in public facing trial

    Student allegedly caught masturbating in public facing trial Camal Elhaj (22) is charged with engaging in an act of masturbation in a public place Pic: Collins Courts
  17. Migration Facts Ireland

    Irish News African Man convicted of infecting two former partners with HIV

    Man convicted of infecting two former partners with HIV was arrested on suspicion of raping another woman
  18. Migration Facts Ireland

    Public Video Green Party Immigration until Ireland has 10 Million people

    Eamon Ryan from the Irish Green Party supports mass Immigration until Ireland has a population of 10 Million.
  19. Migration Facts Ireland

    Irish News "Tanned Man" - description of rapist in Dublin

    From the FIVE women have been sexually assaulted in the same area of west Dublin in just weeks – with gardai now fearing there may be more than one sex attacker on the loose. On Monday, a young woman was attacked in broad daylight by a man who approached her at random, before...