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  1. Migration Facts Ireland

    UK Channel 4 focuses on Irish Immigration

    UK Channel 4 focuses on Irish Immigration. Many are calling this a hatchet job by Channel 4 who are often called leftist biased news channel. It should also be noted that Channel 4 is directly owned by the Vritish Government. Channel 4 is a British public-service free-to-air television...
  2. Migration Facts Ireland

    Law & Order A 38-year-old man has been charged in connection with an incident where an aersol spray was set alight inside a Garda station and thrown at an officer

    A 38-year-old man has been charged in connection with an incident where an aersol spray was set alight inside a Garda station and thrown at an officer. Paulias Kazlauskas has been charged with criminal damage to a hatch in the public office at Togher Garda station in Cork following the incident...
  3. Migration Facts Ireland

    Immigration System, Asylum & Policy Sixteen Pakistani nationals sent home after deportation appeals rejected

    Sixteen Pakistani nationals have been sent back to their home country after their appeals against deportation were turned down. They include seven removed from the direct provision system. The group opted not to take part in a voluntary return programme, in which illegal immigrants are offered...
  4. Migration Facts Ireland

    Law & Order Judge jails non national for sexually assaulting disabled woman

    A judge has jailed a door to door broadband salesman for seven months for carrying out a sexual assault on a disabled woman in her 50s in her own home. At Ennis District Court, Judge Patrick Durcan said that the 26 year old salesman for a multi-national broadband provider had “sexually assaulted...
  5. Migration Facts Ireland

    Virgin News Reporter showing a serious case of bias reporting?

    Richard Chambers of Virgin Media News, posted a tweet today that stated that a young boy called Mohammed was "Mohammed is more of a Gael than the knuckle-draggers and lowlife YouTubers. " It is unclear if this tirade of abuse was directed at anyone in particular but it is believed Mr. Chambers...
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    Gemma O Doherty News

  7. Migration Facts Ireland

    Irish Government asked to halt deportation of man convicted of terror offences

    THE EUROPEAN COURT of Human Rights has asked the Irish Government not to deport an Algerian man with alleged links to Islamic terrorism until it has considered his case aimed at preventing his removal from the State. The man, who is aged in his fifties and has been living in Ireland for some...
  8. Migration Facts Ireland

    Rory Stewart meets some Irishmen

    Conservative Member of Parliament Rory Stewart met some Irish people on his walkarounds for his bid to become Prime minister.
  9. Migration Facts Ireland

    €20,000 stolen from phone shop in Phibsborough, Dublin

    Dublin Live has published CCTV footage of two African men robbing an Indian phone shop owner of €20,000 in goods at his store in Phibsborough, Dublin. Syed Adnan Shah, the owner of Mr iPhone in Phibsborough said his store was left "practically empty" after the robbery. Dublin Live reports that...
  10. Migration Facts Ireland

    The Irish race is dying - 23% of all births in 2018 foreign born.

    61,016 births in 2018, there were 47,110 babies (77.2%) born to mothers of Irish nationality compared to 47,991 (77.3%) 22.8% of all births are to immigrant mothers. How many of the 77.2% Irish are actual ethnic Irish and New Irish? Births and marriage/civil partnerships In 2018, there...
  11. Migration Facts Ireland

    The Irish race is dying - 23% of all births in 2018 foreign born.

    Immigration and abortion. Two of the largest methods to kill any population of unique ethnic heritage and social background. However, its not just those two tools the government are now using. Our birth rates are falling and the Irish race is dying. CSO statistical publication, 31 May 2019...
  12. Migration Facts Ireland

    Gemma O'Doherty tweeting a public picture of Longford school children causes meltdown.

    Yesterday GO'D tweeted this picture of a school in Longford where the Irish are a minority. The image which shows a large number of foreign children in a small Longford school is shocking as it highlights how the Irish are fastly becoming a minority. A total of 31 children could be seen on the...
  13. Migration Facts Ireland

    Health Medical Council's decision to restore background checks on doctors seeking work in Ireland is welcomed

    The President of the High Court has welcomed a decision by the Medical Council to put in place a system to check the disciplinary records of doctors seeking to be allowed to work in Ireland. Mr Justice Peter Kelly made his remarks when confirming the suspension of Dr Ragheb Nouman who had...
  14. Migration Facts Ireland

    Immigration System, Asylum & Policy Information about deaths in Direct Provision no longer released by department

    CRITICISM HAS BEEN levelled at the government over a lack of transparency around deaths of people residing in Direct Provision centres. Previously, records were released each year about the number and nature of deaths of people seeking international protection in Ireland. However, the...
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    Immigration System, Asylum & Policy 'Secrecy' around Port asylum seekers brings out 'keyboard warriors' says councillor

    The agency responsible for asylum seekers in Ireland has said it has a legal obligation to protect the identities of those in the international protection system but a local councillor says the 'secrecy' brings out 'keyboard warriors'. The Reception and Integration Agency could not directly...
  16. Migration Facts Ireland

    Education Criteria eased for asylum seekers to attend third level

    The Department of Education has lowered the eligibility criteria for a scheme which enables asylum seeker students to go on to third level education here. The change comes amid criticism that the programme was too restrictive. School leavers applying to the Student Support Scheme must now...