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  1. Migration Facts Ireland

    Grand Torino at the public meeting in Wicklow

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  2. Migration Facts Ireland

    Irish Girl ,tells Her Story about Grooming Gang

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  3. Migration Facts Ireland

    Heroic Irish Woman has had enough.

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  4. Migration Facts Ireland

    Grand Torino with Caolan Robertson

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  5. Migration Facts Ireland

    Truth About the UN Migration Compact

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  6. Migration Facts Ireland

    Young and black in Northern Ireland | BBC

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  7. Migration Facts Ireland


    Miscegenation Miscegenation is the mixing of different racial groups through marriage, cohabitation, sexual relations, or procreation, particularly mixing that is perceived to negatively impact the purity of a particular race or culture. Read More & Discuss Here
  8. Migration Facts Ireland

    PETITION: Ireland To Reject The UN Migration Pact

    Sign the Petition Reject The UN Migration Pact Read More & Discuss Here
  9. Migration Facts Ireland

    Voting notices for immigrants

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  10. Migration Facts Ireland

    Indoctrination in our primary schools

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  11. Migration Facts Ireland

    Irish girls learning Islam in a Mosque

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  12. Migration Facts Ireland

    Homes for all ?

    'It's like a dream come true' - mother-of-three receives key to new home after 13-year wait on housing list Dozens of families receive the keys to their brand-new south Dublin homes Read More & Discuss Here
  13. Migration Facts Ireland

    Suspected illegal immigrants ‘getting out of lorry at petrol station’

    Gardai arrest four suspected illegal immigrants after ‘getting out of lorry at petrol station’ in Grantstown, Co Laois Read More & Discuss Here
  14. Migration Facts Ireland

    A new citizenship referendum around the corner? Attempts to ramp up sympathy.

    Is the government of Ireland planning a new Irish Citizenship referendum? Recently there has been a lot of media attention given to children who are in Ireland illegally due to their parents being refused Asylum. Under the 2004 Citizenship referendum result, the Automatic right to Irish...
  15. Migration Facts Ireland

    Immigrant who sexually assaulted 6 year old cannot be deported because government gave him a passport

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  16. Migration Facts Ireland

    Ireland needs more immigrants to build houses for immigrants says ERSI

    The ERSI informed us today that Ireland will need more immigrants if it plans to build more houses for immigrants. The Irish merry go round immigration system just gets crazier each day. ESRI report claims Ireland needs construction workers to come from abroad to fulfil house-building...
  17. Migration Facts Ireland

    Easy money, big bucks to be on the immigration panel

    Ex-justice minister John O’Donoghue cashes in on asylum application fees Read More & Discuss Here
  18. Migration Facts Ireland

    Heroin Seized at Dublin Airport from from Pakistan.

    Two arrested after Gardai make heroin seizure worth over €2 million at Dublin Airport Read More & Discuss Here
  19. Migration Facts Ireland

    28 year old student caught using phone app to steal

    Student who used phone app to steal €2,550 worth of clothes jailed for four months Read More and Discuss Here