€20,000 stolen from phone shop in Phibsborough, Dublin

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Dublin Live has published CCTV footage of two African men robbing an Indian phone shop owner of €20,000 in goods at his store in Phibsborough, Dublin.

Syed Adnan Shah, the owner of Mr iPhone in Phibsborough said his store was left "practically empty" after the robbery.

Dublin Live reports that Shah was talking on the phone to a family member back home in India when the two Africans entered his store wishing to purchase an iphone 6 at about 10:30AM last Monday.

When he turned his back to pick a phone from a display case, one of the men jumped over the counter, cornered Shah and threatened him with a knife which Shah described as being three inches wide and six inches long.

One of the Africans also ripped a heavy gold chain from Shah's neck which he said was valued at €2,000 and they demanded his keys and wallet.

The men locked the shop and proceeded to fill their bags with phones. Shah was told he would be stabbed if he shouted for help.

Shah tried to escape by jumping over a security wall in the shop to get to the door but his attempt was thwarted.

"They were faster than me and grabbed me before I could reach the door."

He was then dragged inside the toilet and Shah says they tried to stab him but he was able to hold them off and he succeeded in locking himself in there where he watched them continue to plunder his shop on CCTV monitors.

Shah says he has no insurance so there will be no way to recover his losses unless the phones are retrieved.

Published: Dublin Live | 13 Jun 2019