Immigration System, Asylum & Policy 20,000 minors with deportation orders have been granted Irish citizenship over the last five years

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Very interesting bit of information revealed by Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan as a result of the case of the Chinese boy with a deportation order being promoted in the media.

Less than 1% of deportation orders against minors are enforced. To be precise the figure is .06%.

"Looking at the numbers going back over the last five years, there have been 134 deportation orders enforced against minors or young people. That contrasts with almost 20,000 minors being granted Irish citizenship." -Charlie Flanagan

Not mentioned is how many of their parents and other family members were granted Irish citizenship along with them or what was the reason that so few have been deported when 79% of Irish public voted to end birth-right citizenship in 2004.

A February 2018 report in the Irish Independent might suggest the reason. The report on a Nigerian woman challenging her deportation order revealed that there exists an undeclared scheme being run by the immigration authorities granting illegals and asylum seekers who have been in Ireland for five years or more permission to stay if they have no criminal record. Asylum lawyers working in the system colloquially referred to this scheme as "the scheme which does not exist".

This week the case of "Eric" Zhi Ying Xue was promoted in the media. His mother had arrived in Ireland 12 years ago illegally and gave birth to her son in Ireland with a non-Irish father. Nobody has explained why this family is being deported while 20,000 children in the last five years have not been.

A report in the London Times may give us the answer. The Bray schoolboy fighting his deportation to China had a fraudulent Irish passport. His mother had claimed his father had Irish citizenship. He did not. This is an offence under Passports Act 2008.

Committing this offence may have meant the she was not entitled to avail of the "scheme which does not exist" allowing her to remain in Ireland having been here for more than five years.

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