Education 4 Irish universities now classed as "Universities of Sanctuary"

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As it becomes harder for Irish children to obtain places at third level institutes it seems 4 Irish Universities are doing everything they can to accommodate refugees and Asylum seekers.

Colleges and Universities who take part are encouraged to do everything possible to secure equal access to higher education for asylum seekers. So regardless if these asylum seekers are bogus and should be deported or have a legal right to remain in Ireland they are afforded the same equal rights as Irish students to the extent of having access to third level education, but more so due to the nature of the financial situation of the asylum seeker that Third level will be completely free for them to take part. It will also be extremely hard for the third level institute to have any record of secondary school education and pass rates, so we presume the standard entry requirements are ignored also.

Four Irish universities recognised so far are: Dublin City University (DCU); University College Cork (UCC); University of Limerick (UL), and University College Dublin (UCD). Others are following suit and it is also spreading to the institute of technology sector.

Sinead Lucey, Head of International Relations at the Irish Universities Association, says Irish universities are committed to welcoming students from all over the world, especially those fleeing conflict.

"Universities are using innovative options such as virtual learning environments in recognition of the challenges some students face in attending classes on campus."
DCU was designated as Ireland's first University of Sanctuary in 2016.

Measures introduced by DCU include 15 academic scholarships, at either undergraduate or postgraduate level, for asylum seekers or refugees.