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The number of Irish residents born outside Ireland continued to increase and stood at 810,406 in 2016.

Romanians, Brazilians and Spanish show largest increases The groups which showed the largest increase were those already well established in Ireland. The fastest growing groups in absolute terms were Romanians (up 10,707), Brazilians (up 6,498) and Spanish (up 4,806). Other smaller groups showed large increases in percentage terms such as Croatia which increased by 431 per cent to 5,202, Venezuela (increased by 259% to 1,729), Afghanistan (increased by 212 % to 1,729) and Syria (increased by 199% to 920).

New arrivals Inward migration to Ireland by foreign nationals in the year to April 2016 was 54,203, as presented in Table 5.2 below. The data shows non-Irish immigrants arrived from a large selection of countries. As with Irish immigrants the UK was the top country of origin with 7,506 arrivals, followed by Brazil with 4,848 and Poland with 3,689. Between them France, Germany, Italy and Spain accounted for 9,293 arrivals. There were also more than 1,000 non-Irish immigrants from each of China, India, Romania, the USA and Croatia. Altogether 180 distinct countries were recorded as a country of origin for nonIrish immigrants in the year to April 2016 on the census.

Dual Irish nationalities In 2016 the number of persons with dual Irish nationality almost doubled on the 2011 figure increasing from 55,905 to 104,784 in April 2016. Persons born in Ireland accounted for 37 per cent of this group or 38,344 persons. Figure 5.5 presents this group by their dual nationality split between those who were born in Ireland and those born abroad. The longer the bar overall the higher the number of persons of that dual nationality. Irish-Americans were the largest dual-Irish group accounting for 17,552 persons, of whom 6,358 (36%) were born in Ireland and the remainder, 11,194 (64%) born abroad. Among Irish-UK nationals the majority (86%) were born outside Ireland with just 2,170 (14%) born in Ireland. Among Irish-Polish nationals the majority were born here; there were 2,743 persons born outside Ireland who now identify as part-Irish.

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