Public Video Critiqued Interview with Irish Girl Once Involved in Grooming Gang

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Please comment rate share and subscribe. please share this video around, especially in Ireland guys. Thanks I have seen all the documents and screenshots to do with this story. These documents are available to anyone who would also be interested in Publishing this girls story.

...THIS MAY BE UPSETTING But we are not going to not listen to the stories of girls in Ireland who have been used by these people just because these people cry racism. Facts can’t be racist, so cry away.

this brave Irish woman tells her story about naively getting involved with people in Ireland from Pakistan back in 2015 and the dodgy things that she seen happening and has been asked to do between then and 2017 by these people. Such as sham marriages fake business,s and what looked like a business front (which would have been an art gallery)for something illegal and this girl suspects there is human trafficking involved with these people who she knew. she also speaks about how she came to realise that they were not the upstanding people that they first seemed , far from it in fact and how certain authoritative bodies and journalists in Ireland have not helped her in any way when she went to them with her story. some independent TDs have been very helpful though. all the names and identities of these people have to be left out guys, even though we know exactly who they are.