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The Cathaoirleach of Leitrim County Council says news that the former Shannon Key West hotel in Rooskey will operate as an asylum centre is disappointing.

It’s understood that up to 80 people will be brought to the village on the Leitrim Roscommon border in early December.

Cllr Sean McGowan the village lack adequate facilities and services to cater for up to 80 asylum seekers.

It’s understood that Abbey Castle Accommodation, which is registered in Rathfarnham, Dublin, has signed a deal with the Department of Justice to operate a centre for asylum seekers at the former Shannon Key West hotel.

The 39-bedroom hotel was sold to Dublin based James Kiernan for €400,000 in 2012.

In March of this year, more than 200 people attended a public meeting, called by a group of investors called Paradub Limited.

It was called because of concerns that James Kiernan had plans to turn it into a refugee centre, but he denied that and said he intended completing the sale to Paradub

Paradum feared the sale was in jeopardy because an application has been made to the Department of Justice for the hotel to be used as an emergency reception and orientation centre for asylum seekers.

Kiernan insisted he had no such plans for the Shannon Key West Hotel.

Since 2008, around 10% of all asylum claims are granted in Ireland but 80% of failed asylum seekers are never deported. The government has an undeclared scheme referred to by asylum lawyers as "the scheme that doesn't exist" giving failed asylum seekers and illegals permission to stay in Ireland if they have been here for five years. They are then entitled to bring their family over using the family reunification program.

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