Law & Order Foreign national jailed for 18 years for brutal attack on 3 women

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Judge hands 18½-year sentence to ‘primal, brutal’ attacker
Man, a foreign national who cannot be named for legal reasons, attacked three women

A judge has jailed a father-of-two convicted of carrying out premeditated random attacks on women over a five-year period for 18½ years.

Judge Pauline Codd described the violent attacks on three women by the 34-year-old man as primal and brutal and said “he is clearly a dangerous man”.

The man attacked three women in 2011, 2015 and 2016 at locations around Clondalkin in south Dublin. Two of the attacks involved a sexual assault and took place late at night as the women walked home after a night out.

In the last attack, carried out in broad daylight as the victim, Ruth Maxwell, was walking to the Luas to go to work, the man put a hunting knife to the woman’s throat.