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Over in the UK, Minister for housing Dominic Raab has claimed housing prices are increased by 20% because of immigration.

This is an amazing admission to what many of us have claimed for years.

If you only have a certain number of homes and you have 2people looking to rent it, then the price will match and reflect what those people are willing to pay for it. If that same home has 30 people looking to rent it then the price will reflect on what desperate people are willing to pay.

There is no reason to think Ireland is any different to the UK, in fact, it could be much worse as we have the highest percentage of foreign nationals in Ireland than any other EU country.

Data behind Dominic Raab claim migration pushed up house prices

The government has published the data behind Housing Minister Dominic Raab's claim that immigration has caused house prices to rise 20% over 25 years.

His figures were based on a model detailed in reports published in 2007 and 2008 by the National Housing and Planning Advice Unit.

The model suggested that from 1991-2016, rising immigration contributed to a 21% rise in house prices.

Labour urged Mr Raab to stop blaming others for "unaffordable" housing.
Immigration house price data revealed

Housing minister defends claim of immigration impact on house prices

Housing minister defends claim of immigration impact on house prices