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The number of immigrants to the State in the year to April 2017 is estimated to have increased by 2.8% from 82,300 to 84,600, while the number of emigrants declined over the same period, from 66,200 to 64,800. These combined changes have resulted in net inward migration for Ireland in 2017 (+19,800), the highest level of net inward migration since 2008. See table 1.

Irish nationals continue to experience net outward migration, although at a much lower level than in the previous year, falling from -8,800 to -3,400, while net inward migration among non-Irish nationals decreased from 25,000 to 23,200. See table 2.
Population and Migration Estimates April 2017 - CSO - Central Statistics Office
Seems to be a very small figure, I guess they dont include Asylum applications and failed applications but still, I had thought it would be a much higher figure than we see.