Public Opinion & Voting Immigration the Number 1 concern of European citizens

Migration Facts Ireland

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A survey conducted by the European commision has highlighted Immigration as the number one concern across Europe with Terrorism coming in second.

Concerns on immigration have fallen from their high of 2016 but still remains the biggest concern for European Citizens

When asked what the main Issues for Europe are at the moment Immigration came out on top with Terrorism, even in Ireland we considered Immigration and Terrorism the two biggest priorities for the EU


When asked what national concerns European had Unemployment was first followed by Health & Social Security with Immigration third


Most Surprisingly the Irish do not see Immigration as a pressing concern in Ireland at present, Housing, Health & Social Security are the biggest concerns of the Irish at a local level, Immigration comes in at the bottom. Sadly the Irish haven't connected the dots that housing, Health and social security are all affected by mass immigration.


The full report can be found at the following link