Law & Order Irish woman shoved off bike outside Corduff Mosque in Dublin

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From Orlared on youtube

A woman called Rose told 98FM today about how she was shoved off her bike into oncoming traffic outside the Corduff mosque on Blanchardstown Rd North last Friday.

Rose had gone for a cycle past the graveyard but between the IT college and Riverdale college is a mosque. She estimates there was around 100 men around with cars parked on the footpath and grass verges. She was ringing her bell and and saying "excuse me" but most of the men didn't move.

One man in his 50s called her a stupid woman and kept telling her that she was cycling on a footpath while pointing to the cycle path. She was shocked. There were people exiting the mosque in their droves. The man put his arms out and acted annoyed. Then a young man in his 20s dressed in brown started tapping his face saying "white woman, white woman". A Muslim woman started laughing. Rose wondered why she would think this is funny. The man kept calling her a stupid white woman. Then the man in his 50s pushed her and the bike down the embankment. Her sunglasses and earphones fell off. None of the people around reacted and just walked on.

Then two men from the council came to her aid. They lifted her bike up and asked if she was OK. One of them called 999 and requested the gardaí and an ambulance. They stayed with her. It was rocky so she had hurt her knees and the bike had come down on top of her. Two other Muslims were laughing. Finally three of the Muslims came over to her an apologised for what had happened. One told her he was a doctor. Her husband came down and took her to the Blanchardstown gardaí but there was nobody to take a statement. The Imam at the mosque told her that he would sit down and talk to the person responsible if they found out who he was. He apologised and told her he was a neurosurgeon at Beaumont hospital. Broadcast 18th June 2018 | 98 FM