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Niall Boylan and Kevin Sharkey appeared on the Tonight Show along with human rights campaigner Deirdre Duffy from Fine Gael, Irish Independent columnist Colette Browne, and Fiann Fáil TD Thomas Byrne. They discussed the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration which will be signed by the Irish government in Marrakesh next week. United States, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Israel, Estonia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, China, Korea, Japan, Belgium, Denmark and Italy have refused to sign the compact so far. The Austrian government criticised the pact remarking that it did not adequately regulate migration and failed to adequately distinguish between legal and illegal migration.

They objected to the creation of migrant as a category that did not exist in public law. The government also took issue with the goal of helping irregular migrants achieve a regular status based on individual assessment. Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney was asked about the pact last week and admitted that many people "on the move" were economic migrants and he believed the UN was right to try and get a set of standards for dealing with them.

However, he admitted that the EU was struggling with this question "which had caused a lot of tension in EU nations". He said efforts to distribute migrants who had arrived across the Mediterranean has created deep political divisions. He described the numbers of these migrants as relatively small in a global context. In early 2018, it was estimated there were 500,000 failed asylum seekers in Italy. 200,000 were being processed while only 30,000 had been granted asylum. Coveney said 500,000 migrants would be moving to Ireland in the next 20 years. Fine Gael's Deirdre Duffy said it was a very good thing for the Irish government to sign it and that we should be looking at migration as a benefit to society and that we should be working towards an inclusive society where we have migration that is done in a safe, orderly and done in a regulated fashion. Broadcast 04 Dec 2018 | The Tonight Show with Matt Cooper and Anton Savage