Letter Template to a TD in relation to immigration concerns

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A letter that can be sent to your TD regarding your concern over mass immigration. As it happens, TDs or their staff do read letters sent to them, so its not completely useless to do this. So here is a possible template. Add, delete or change as you wish.

Dear Mr. X, a chara,

As my local TD, you will be well aware of the large numbers of non-nationals entering this area and the concern of local people regarding this uncontrolled and unprovided for movement of people.

Social services in this area are already stretched to breaking point and it is entirely unreasonable to continue importing more people until such time as budgets for hospitals, schools and local GP services are being increased at the same rate as new people arrive. As you know, the immigrant population of this area has greatly increased over the last fifteen years, while budgets for social services have remained stagnant. I am particularly worried that Irish children are sitting in the same classrooms as children who have no command of either English or Irish. Inevitably, teachers must spend much of their teaching time teaching basic language skills. This can only lead to the Irish children being held back. They may even tune out altogether from boredom, with disastrous future consequences. I must repeat that it is entirely unreasonable to introduce large numbers of immigrants to our classrooms, without having budgeted for their inclusion.

Due to the large immigrant influx, rents and house prices have greatly increased in this area to the point that young Irish couples can no longer afford to get married at a healthy age and rear children. On the national scale we see the results, as fewer and fewer Irish children are being born - and there are calls from some quarters for even more immigration to prevent a demographic collapse. This is a vicious circle that can only lead to social fragmentation and even violence - as we see in Sweden, France and other countries. We Irish are known for our hospitality, but it is now being grossly abused.

The labour market in Ireland is being seriously undermined by cheap immigrant labour. I'm sure you are aware of the numbers of building sites and other places of work where it is now difficult to find an Irish person working. And it cannot be argued that Irish people will not take building jobs that provide a living wage. It's clear that Irish workers are being bid down and priced out of the labour market in Ireland.

The threat of terrorism is, sadly, always on our minds. And yet, Ireland is allowing in thousands of people who do not have proper documentation and have not been vetted by international police authorities. As the Irish authorities are not in contact with the Syrian authorities, it is impossible to check the police records of individuals coming from that country. We also see other migrants arriving without papers and claiming asylum. As they do not have papers, it is impossible to deport them to any country of origin. The result is that they are allowed to walk around Ireland without the Gardaí having any idea of who they are or if they have criminal records. We have seen the result of this policy in so many European countries already. We must act before we are mourning the death of an Irish child in a terrorist attack.

I hope you will take these matters into serious consideration.

Is mise le meas,