Statistics Nearly 1 million Non Nationals living in Ireland, Another 105,000 living here with Dual Nationality

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New figures out today show the number of Non-Nationals living in Ireland has fallen slightly from 544,357 to 535,475.

The Census recorded 535,475 non-Irish nationals living in the country, a 1.6% decrease on the previous census figure in 2011 of 544,357.
However, those who now claim Dual Nationality has skyrocketed by 887.4% to a staggering 104,784.
OVER THE PAST five years, the number of people in living Ireland holding dual-citizenship (Irish and another country) has increased by 87.4% to 104,784 persons.
In other words, the non-national population now stands at a real figure of 640, 259, It just so happens that we allow these people to hold dual nationality allowing them to keep their old passports and citizenship.

When you look at these figures it shows, Irish-Americans (17,552 people) were the largest group holding dual-citizenship here followed by followed by Irish-UK (15,428) and Irish-Polish (9,273).

It's easy to see why Americans and British people may be holding dual nationality, they have links and ties to Ireland and with the UK we have seen a huge uptake in obtaining an Irish passport because of Brexit from Irish people living in the UK. This however still leaves a total of 607, 279 non-nationals living in Ireland with 71,807 being allowed to continue to hold dual nationality. These are also the official figures, we have no idea of the unofficial figures of people who refused to fill out the census forms.

Amazingly we have also handed out 9,273 Irish citizenships to Polish people, why are polish people obtaining Irish Citizenship?

The figures go on to show,

Non-Irish nationals living here come from 200 different nations but only 12 of those nations have communities here of at least 10,000 people.

Polish nationals were the largest group of non-Irish nationals living here with 122,515 people. This is followed by the UK with 103,113 people and Lithuania with 36,552 people.

The other nations with over 10,000 people are Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, Latvia, Romania Spain and the USA.
Among Irish towns, Ballyhaunis in Mayo had the highest proportion of non-Irish nationals with 941 persons representing 39.5% of its population.

The two next highest were both in Longford, Edgeworthstown with 32.3% (667 persons) and Ballymahon with 32.1% (599 persons).

The Census also showed that non-Irish nationals account for 14.9% of the workforce in this country.
A total of 293,830 non-Irish nationals are working here, almost half of whom work in four main sectors, namely: retail, hospitality, manufacturing and healthcare.

The unemployment rate among non-Irish nationals was 15.4%, compared with a rate of 12.6% among the Irish population.

Dual Irish citizens living here jumps by almost 90% to 105,000 over five years