Law & Order Nigerian gangs beat up Gardai with metal bars

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A Nigerian Gang attacked Gardai with metal bars in the latest incident of gang violence in Dublin.

Despite the Gardai arresting someone they have released them without charge, however, a file has been sent to the DPP. This is amazing, they have a file going to the DPP but they don't think there is enough evidence to keep the person they arrested for the assault to locked up.

It also is amazing that one of the key issues fro the Gardai and biggest fears is that the assault which was recorded on several mobile devices may go viral! Gardaí fear footage of assault on officers will be circulated on social media -

There are also two more worrying issues here,

One, the silence of the media on naming the ethnicity of the attackers, only 1 paper mentioned that they were Nigerian. Why are these so-called "New Irish" being protected, surely they are abusing their right to be here and should be deported? Also, the Irish people should know just what is going on with immigration in Ireland and we should be allowed a say on just who the hell we are letting in here.

However the biggest and most worrying thing is the following paragraph,

A man in his 50s, along with two teenagers, then came out of the house with the older man armed with a baseball bat. He set about attacking the male garda, hitting him repeatedly with the metal baseball bat to the face, body and head.

As that was under way, a large number people began to gather outside the property. The two gardaí on the scene found themselves surrounded and deployed their batons and incapacitant sprays.

Reinforcements arrived but the gardaí still found themselves significantly outnumbered. Garda sources said there was a concern that the situation was about to escalate sharply, so they decided to withdraw and regroup ahead of a follow-up operation.
Garda ‘hit with metal baseball bat’ during Dublin 18 incident

"Reinforcements arrived but the gardaí still found themselves significantly outnumbered"