Economics "Over $600 MILLION sent out of Ireland to Nigeria in 2011

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"Over $600 MILLION sent out of Ireland to Nigeria in 2011

That is the startling claim made by the prestigious World Bank report into the money flows of Irish Emigrants and Foreign Immigrants for the year 2011

Irish people living abroad sent more than $750 million (€560 million) back home in 2011.

Foreign workers [?] living in Ireland sent almost $2.4 billion home in 2011.

That is a net loss to the Irish Economy of some $1.6 billion per annum!

The steady flow of money out of Ireland despite the recession is down to the high number of foreign workers still here, especially from countries such as Nigeria, India and China, said Dilip Ratha, manager of the World Bank’s migration and remittances unit.

Money sent abroad by immigrants still growing - The Irish Times - Fri, Feb 08, 2013

How come the Nigerian population here (30-40,000) could send such a massive remittance home each year

When the Polish population (120,000 - 150,000) can send only about one third that amount back to Poland?