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Communities, where migrants are placed, are more resistant to immigration finds a new Sunday Independent/Kantar Millward Brown poll.

Here is a summary of the stats.

  • 53pc of Ireland's unemployed or low-skilled workers are concerned that immigrants are more likely to claim social welfare payments.
  • 61pc of professional classes believing a mix of races, ethnic groups and nationalities helps make Ireland a better place to live.
  • 46pc of those in unskilled jobs or in receipt of social welfare are as positive about a more cosmopolitan society.
    However, there is some concern about the integration of immigrants in Irish communities.
  • 19pc of the public think enough is being done to help Muslims living in Ireland adapt to Irish life.
  • 53pc of those polled said Islamic leaders could do more to help with integration.
  • While 54pc of people would not object to refugee centres being established in their communities, there is widespread concern about people fleeing from troubled parts of the world seeking solace in Ireland.
  • When asked if they are concerned at the possibility of terrorists exploiting Ireland's migrant programme, 62pc said yes. One-quarter (26pc) said they were not worried.
  • Concern is highest in Leinster (75pc), and among Fianna Fail supporters (74pc), over-65s (71pc), Sinn Fein supporters, and the unemployed/low-paid workers (both 70pc).
  • 74pc want to be involved in the planning process.
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