Housing Syrian Refugees are given equal status to those on a 7-year housing list

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67 families were given the keys to new houses on a brand new estate at Milltown meadows in Ashbourne, County Meath in July of this year.

The families had been on waiting lists for up to 7 years and were finally given their keys at a ceremony where JUNIOR Housing Minister Damien English cuts the ribbon on a long-awaited social housing project.

Among the new families were Seven Syrian families who unlike the other families presumably did not have to wait 7 years for these new houses.

Our question to the minister and others is, how did you determine which families would make way for the 7 Syrian families who replaced them? What provisions have been made to house the other 7 families who lost out, and how many more years will they have to wait before being housed?

Read more here - https://www.thesun.ie/news/2827397/almost-70-families-new-homes-in-meath/