Virgin News Reporter showing a serious case of bias reporting?

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Richard Chambers of Virgin Media News, posted a tweet today that stated that a young boy called Mohammed was "Mohammed is more of a Gael than the knuckle-draggers and lowlife YouTubers. "

It is unclear if this tirade of abuse was directed at anyone in particular but it is believed Mr. Chambers was directing this to reporter Gemma O Doherty who uses Youtube and more recently focused on the alarming number of non-national children who were attending a Longford primary school who outnumbered ethnic Irish children.

It is unclear why Mr. Chambers began this attack but it does show how the media are bias against those who have concerns over immigration and do not want to see the ethnic population of Ireland replaced.

It is further embarrassing for Mr. Chambers to refer to the young boy as a true Gael, the Gaels are an ethnolinguistic group native to northwestern Europe. They are associated with the Gaelic languages: a branch of the Celtic languages comprising Irish, Manx, and Scottish Gaelic. This is clearly something that cannot be used to describe someone who happens to be lucky enough to have gained Irish Citizenship through parents and a lax open borders immigration refugee policy.