Law & Order woman duped into sham marriage

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'It can happen to anyone' - Irish woman duped by her husband is selling her wedding and engagement rings

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An Irish woman is selling her engagement and wedding rings after she realised she was duped by her husband into marrying him for a visa.
The woman, who has advertised her rings worth €5,000 on Done Deal, told RTE reporter Brian O’Connell that she hasn’t worn the rings in nearly a year and now hopes they'll bring happiness to another couple.

She herself had borne most of the cost of the rings when the couple bought them in Dubai almost three years ago.

“The engagement ring is a solitaire ring and it has encrusted diamonds. The wedding ring would have the same type of encrusting.”
“They have been in [the box] since last September. Do you want to know why they’re in there?”

“They went on my finger in December 2015 and came off in 2017.”

“I married a non-EU national in Beirut in Lebanon. We had known each other a year and a half at that stage.”

“I had considered briefly the motivations as to why he would ask me so quickly… I would have thought he loved me.”

Believing she had met “the one”, the Irish woman married him. They were happy together until their application for his spousal visa for Ireland was refused.

“After the Christmas period, I set out applying for his visa to come to Ireland, it’s a spousal visa. €4,000 is what it cost.”

“His visa was refused in August 2017. The day after I told him, he was getting married to someone else.”